Unlock Around the World in 80 Days Walkthrough Cheat Code All Level

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Around the World in 80 Days Trailers

Around the World in 80 Days is to win every level inconceivable Wager for the next step.
Around the World in 80 Days Walkthrough tips and guides:
- Troubleshooting play Around the World in 80 Days, look at tiles to flash and frames
- Add energy to power-up for making several matches of four or more tiles

- Using Power-ups can not take the next level, a good idea to utilize the power-ups are rather difficult level
- In this game presented the animated scenes from each country visitor
- Signs to continue the game if there is a shadow in the background of the game
- Get rid of frozen and locked tiles at the very beginning, raise your score more points, use 100 000 point score take the extra life
- Game quikly field, Try and move the artifact pieces to the shorter rows to release them faster
- The uniq gameplay: Even after the journey is completed all the levels can be replayed again with increasing difficulty, new twists and features

More Around the World in 80 Days Cheat Codes guides play, try it:

code used to pass through several towns on the way the next game
- Enter the code start on Day 1 in London, enter “BHGG.”
- To skip ahead to Day 3 in Paris, enter the cheat code “CLGG.”
- Enter cheat code “DCHJ.” for jump on the train ahead of your scheduled departure Day 18
- Enter code “FSHJ,” Day 20 in Turkey for nextjump get to Day 25 to India with the cheat code “GKMN.”
- Enter code “JMBJ.” next jump to China for Day 40
- Level Day 61 the code “KNQN,” we can stay at San Francisco
- Wild West cheat code “LPGG”
- The train to New York cheat code “MQGG.”
- “NRGG,” code for dealing with the oldest enemy
- The pass level get straight to the final sequence cheat code “PSGG.”

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