Play The Abandoned School Android Cheat Code Complete The Guest

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The Abandoned School Android Apk

About The Abandoned School Android Game Application

3 step to finish Stuck Abandoned place:
1. Art room
2. Infirmary
3. Science room

The Abandoned School Guide Game Cheat Code Complete The Guest

The Abandoned School Android Guide complete and survival horror quest game
- Use the entire smart phone’s functionality to complete the quest.
- Try to touch the abject more than once, change the order, move around the room
- Shake or tilt phone to avoid obstacles.

- See more clues and finally complete the quest after sunset.
- Trough Stuck on level School Gate: Click warning sign 3 times and Click chain 5 times then Click metal gate 6 times
- Trough Stuck on level Stairway: Get rid of fly’s by clicking and move side by side and see change of picture then click photos on the floor and see the change. Shake the phone to drop spider shows on top.
- Try to find out the hidden layer on this stage

The Abandoned School Walkthrough Video Trailers

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